Yoropen Pencil HB Left and Right-Handed Grip



Yoropen logoMakes writing easier for dyspraxics. If you haven’t tried  this pencil yet I would highly recommend it.

The design of the pencil increases the field of vision whilst you write, helping you keep your writing on the line.

Tripod grip rotates for preferred writing position. Ideal for left and right handers.

Visual space: It’s easier  to see what you are writing.

Finger support system for comfort and better control. Less pressure required; reduce writing strain.

Soft adjustable comfort grip, neck on pen holds your grip firmly preventing your hand from sliding down towards the nib.

Suitable for ages 6 years and up due to small parts, smaller Yoropen pencils are available in this shop. HB and 2B leads are available also for this pencil.


This pencil (and pen) transformed Oliver’s handwriting overnight – half the size, no arched wrist, no grip slip, no aching or tiredness. Oliver went from achieving a quarter page of writing before needing a break, to two and a half pages – there was no stopping him! Instead of focusing on trying to grip onto the pencil Oliver could focus on the content of his writing. It’s a brilliant invention and is the reason why Oliver wanted to launch this website – he wanted everyone to know about them.


The Yoropen HB pencil supplied will be supplied with either a green or a red barrel, the blue barrel is currently out of stock in the UK.



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