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The patented WriteRIGHT ergonomic pencil grip and trainer is finally here in the UK!  Designed by an occupational therapist, the dolphin pencil grip provides a superb visual and tactile cue to finger positioning for a correct pencil grip. Pinch the eyes, cover the mouth and wrap your fingers around the tail. Develops a mature and efficient pencil grip.

Teach the children with this memory hook: “Pinch the eyes… Cover the mouth… Wrap your fingers around the tail!’

Pick up the dolphin so that:

  • The thumb covers one of its eyes
  • The forefinger covers its other eye
  • The middle finger covers its mouth
  • The ring and pinky fingers wrap around its tail

Packed with features:

  • Firm outer shell with embossed features provides child with tactile feedback.
  • It’s ‘tail’ is perfect to help children grip with their ring and pinky fingers.
  • The patented shape encourages a proper dynamic tripod pencil grip
  • The permanently attached mechanical lead pencil eliminates the need to find a separate pencil, repeatedly sharpen it and constantly adjust its position in the gripper
  • Press eraser to advance the lead. Eraser pops off to add more when empty. Uses standard 0.7mm lead (we have replacement leads and erasers readily available)
  • Fun and friendly grip grabs kids attention and extends writing time
  • Available in 3 sizes

What we think:

This is one of the most fun and effective handwriting tools on the market that helps hugely with finger separation and develops a mature and efficient pencil grip. We’ve had good feedback from our dyspraxic and autistic community who felt the friendly tactile and visual clues provided by this grip helped the children to remember their finger positioning. We were concerned about the mechanical pencil element of the grip but it is a quality pencil and lead and presented no problems – it will reduce the ‘standing at the bin pencil sharpening handwriting avoidance’ situation and ensure the pencil is held at the correct angle. We’d love to see this as an early grip trainer in all primary schools.

Not suitable for children under 3 years of age, small parts. WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD.

Additional information

WriteRIGHT pencil grip

Small RIGHT 3-4years, Medium RIGHT 5-7years, Large RIGHT 8-12 years, School pack 1 of each size S, M, L


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