Therapy putty for finger strengthening and pencil grip strengthening




Excellent for grip strength finger exercises.  Ideal for occupational therapy activities, tactile stimulation and sensory play.

We recommend using therapy putty to warm up the fingers and increase proprioception prior to handwriting. Make finger pots using the pinch grip. Put small plastic animals or lego heads into it (not for unders 3’s – requires adult supervision) and have your child pull them out and push them back in again for a finger strengthening workout. Pinch spikes on the back of a ball of therapy putty to make a hedgehog using the handwriting pinch grip. I like to put buttons into the therapy putty to help children who are struggling with their buttons on their school shirts. Great little exercise to increase strength and success in this area. Have your child pull a small piece of therapy putty from the pot and then roll between the three pencil grip fingers until they can form a small ball. Repeat until they have a caterpillar. Quite tough to do but excellent therapy and pencil grip strengthening exercise.

Increase the resistances as your child progresses. Some exercises may require the firmer putty and others the softer putty. We have a great value 3 pack. Pack of 3 includes Extra Soft, Soft/Medium and Firm resistances.

Additional information

Therapy putty

Value 3 pot pack, Extra soft, Soft/Medium, Firm


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