Speed up!



Author: Lois Addy

ISBN: 9781855033863

Speed Up! is a tried and tested programme designed specifically for children aged 8-13, whose handwriting is slow, illegible or lacking in fluency. Whether the problems are associated with a developmental coordination disorder (such as dyspraxia), dyslexia or ADHD, or whether they are the result of poor handwriting habits acquired early on, Speed Up! can provide an effective source of help.

Poor handwriting hinders many children’s progress – right across the curriculum. Unfortunately, most handwriting schemes do little to help older children who are struggling with this vital skill.

In just 8 weekly sessions, Speed Up! goes to the root of writing difficulties by developing kinaesthetic awareness through multisensory activity and exercise.

Developed by a leading paediatric occupational therapist, the programme includes:

A baseline assessment

Fully-illustrated photocopiable instruction sheets for each session

An overview of the theory behind the practise

Advice on identifying underlying causes of difficulty and how to tackle them.

The sessions can be delivered by a teacher, teaching assistant or therapist. The emphasis throughout is on enjoyment, building self-esteem and developing writing confidence.

About the author:

Lois Addy is a paediatric occupational therapist and has over 20 years experience of working with children with dyspraxia. She currently works at York St John College, University of Leeds, as a senior lecturer in professional health studies.


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