Pencil Grips Selection Pack




Created by popular demand. It’s difficult to say which grip might suit and so this pack enables you to sample the majority of the range at value for money. Pack of 11 pencil grips containing 1 of each of the following:

Cross-Guard Ultra Pencil Grip – Large Ultra Pencil Grip – Ultra Pencil Grip – Claw Grip (Medium) – Solo pencil Grip – Ridged comfort pencil grip – Jumbo triangular pencil grip – Standard triangular pencil grip – Stubbi Grip – Comfort pencil grip – Pinch Grip

The price is for 1 pack of 11 grips only (pencil not included). Colours will vary. Please select boy/girl/mix of boy and girl colours to ensure sensible colour options are selected for you.

Due to the small size of some of the grips in this pack it is recommended for Ages 3+ and contents should be used under adult supervision.

What we think: Initially we bought a selection pack of grips and found two that we liked. We gave the rest to the SEN teacher = very happy!

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