NEW! The Dyspraxic Learner – Strategies For Success



Author: Alison Patrick

Gill Dixon, Vice Chair for The Dyspraxia Foundation says, ‘I loved this book from the first paragraph. It is comprehensive, well-researched and grounded in reality. Alison describes the subtleties and complexities of dyspraxia brilliantly and illustrates that it is very much more than a motor difficulty and impacts greatly in every area of life. A welcome addition to any bookshelf but a MUST-read for anyone who can affect the progress of a person’s educational career and emotional well-being.’

With a wealth of practical strategies for teaching and supporting students with dyspraxia aged from 11 years up to college or university level, this book addresses all aspects of learning and ways in which teaching can be tailored to the dyspraxic learner.

Exploring dyspraxia and its physical, emotional, psychological and social impacts on learning, the author shares tried-and-tested strategies for ensuring that students with dyspraxia achieve their full potential. This book covers a wide range of topics such as research and study skills, improving memory, teaching literacy, visual and auditory learning styles, dealing with sleeplessness, stress, low self-esteem and anxiety, and preparing for future employment. Teachers, lecturers, tutors and SENCOs will have a greater understanding of dyspraxia, and feel confident in helping students with dyspraxia to overcome educational challenges. This book will also be of interest to students with dyspraxia who are looking for ways to help themselves with their school or university work.

About the author: Alison Patrick is a Specific Learning Difficulties Tutor, tutoring higher education learners with dyslexia, dyspraxia, autistic spectrum disorders and physical disabilities.

Fantastic Dyspraxic review: I always judge the success of a book by the amount of post-it notes that are clinging to it at the end – I didn’t have many post-its left when I reached the conclusion!  As a parent to a child with dyspraxia I always find it helpful to know the next set of skills to be taught in advance so that I have time to prepare them – I especially like the page on useful verbs to avoid misinterpreting the questions – so good and refreshing to see such ‘on the mark’ guidance, super section on memory too. The format featured easy to read bullet pointed lists. Dyspraxia is a very wide subject area, the author touches on every aspect in a researched, organised and well constructed way allowing you to go deeper into the subject if that particular area affects you. An essential book for teachers or anyone about to make the transition to secondary school or entering into higher education. Informative resource for employers, adults with dyspraxia, health professionals and parents supporting children with dyspraxia. A valuable source for developing school guidance on supporting a dyspraxic child in secondary school and further education.


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