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Ensure your lefty experiences a positive start to their handwriting journey with this series of excellent books written by parents of a left-handed child. Available in individual books or value 3-pack.

This series of books are specifically designed with young left-handed children in mind. Opening vertically so that the child doesn’t have the left hand caught on the spine of the book, there are icons on each page to show pencil grip and page angle as well as specific letter formation for the left-hander. Advice for parents and teachers is included as well as Top Tips on every page.

Book 1. Fabulous fine motor practise. The objective of Book 1 is to establish good basic habits of paper positioning and pencil hold, and to develop the fine motor skills needed for accurate, consistent writing at a later stage. The book takes the young writer from basic pencil handling and co-ordination exercises through to formation of letters and simple short words each page is an entertaining mix of games and puzzles, which parent and child will enjoy doing together.

Book 2. Left Hand Writing Skills. Funky Formation and Flow
The second book of this series begins with some revision of the essential letter formation exercises carried out in Book 1. Left-handers who have already developed their fine motor skills, but not yet the necessary good habits of pen or pencil hold and paper positioning, might prefer to start their practice with this book.

Book 3. Left Hand Writing Skills. Successful Smudge-Free Writing The third book aims to consolidate the process of developing good writing habits. In this book, the writer applies all that has been learned in Books 1 and 2 to writing with a pen – in ink this is the real test of success for the left-handed writer. First to create words which are accurately formed and legible, and then to avoid spoiling them by smudging as the left hand follows the pen across the page.

The worksheets in Book 3 provide a wide variety of activities, all linked to handwriting in one way or another. From early Egyptian tablets to Leonardo da Vinci’s curious mirror-writing, invitations to shopping lists and menu cards. Fascinating illustrations and full colour presentation once again keep the interest of the left-handed student while the correct left-hand habits are finally absorbed.

After some initial work on letter formation, the remaining worksheets focus on the flow of letters into word formation. Extensive practice with patterns, and different forms of letter-joining and full word formation, will help the left-handed writer to establish the correct habits of hold, position and control which good handwriting requires. The antics of Pencil Pete and his gang keep up the level of enjoyment and satisfaction as the child works through these exercises.

‘The handwriting skills book was an excellent resource. When I realised that my son was left handed I was very keen to avoid him having the typical hook style of writing so I invested in the books. They have proved to be invaluable as he is now 8 years old and has lovely, fluent, joined handwriting. He saw the books as a bit of fun as they were so well presented and easy to access without much parent intervention. I can thoroughly recommend them to any parent of a leftie.’
R. Bond, Teacher

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Left handed writing skills book

Book 1, Book 2, Book 3, Value 3 Pack of Books 1, 2, and 3


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