Left handed writing skills CD-ROM



A comprehensive scheme of techniques and practise for left-handers, with guidelines for parents and teachers.

Authors: Mark and Heather Stewart.

The CD ROM combines the stages of handwriting development presented in the print editions of this series and contains all 83 worksheets. Together, these are designed to help students through the phases of fine motor skill development, formation and flow of letters and words, and on to successful smudge-free writing using ink.

The worksheets have been produced in both mono and colour and can be worked on using a whiteboard, if required, then printed out for handwriting practice. This CD-ROM may be used throughout, but not exclusively within, one educational establishment only.

Authors Mark and Heather Stewart have had many years of experience in educational requirements for left-handers. Their training guidelines have been endorsed by the UK Department for Children, Schools and Families and are incorporated in the UK National Literacy Strategy.

Suitable for use on:

Windows 98, 2000, XP, Mac OS X 10.1


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