How to… increase the potential of students with DCD (Dyspraxia) in secondary school



Author: Lois Addy

ISBN: 9781855035539

This highly accessible book provides readers with an insight into how DCD (Dyspraxia) may affect students at Key Stages 3 and 4, and offers a wide range of practical strategies for supporting them and increasing their potential. The book includes direct quotations from teenagers with DCD who reveal candidly the issues they face during their secondary-school years.

The information provided is intended to inspire teachers and healthcare professionals to:

Understand the unique needs of young people with DCD

Understand why young people with DCD have difficulty with perceptual and motor planning

Appreciate the impact of DCD on learning and the ways in which students may be supported

Consider the influence of peer pressure and puberty on DCD

Consider post-16 and vocational training needs.

The book is also intended to help parents/carers of young people with DCD to understand the support that is available to their child as they make the transition into secondary education.


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