Faber Castell Jumbo Grip Gold and Silver Colour Pencils for Colouring



1 Gold and 1 Silver Faber Castell Jumbo GRIP pencil set. What colouring set would be complete without these colours?

Why is the Faber Castell Jumbo GRIP range the best?

  • Research has shown that using a chunky triangular grip pencil or crayon makes the tripod grip more comfortable and natural in the early stages of a child’s development as they begin to develop the hand strength and muscle tone required for writing.
  • The raised soft-GRIP zone on these pencils has proven to provide amazing grip support to the child’s fingers, preventing them from sliding down the pencil as they learn to master the grip and provides sensory feedback to the finger tips increasing proprioception aiding the control of their pencil grip and stimulating the neural pathways required for effective handwriting.
  • Once your child has adapted to gripping these crayons correctly they can progress to the slimmer Faber Castell GRIP range.
  • The highest quality pencils last longer and reduce frustration of constantly broken leads – the pencils feature an anti-break lead design using an SV bonding system
  • Wood from certified sustainable forestry in coloured pencils and surface coating made from environmentally-friendly water-based pain
  • Faber Castell Jumbo GRIP Colouring Pencils (Water soluble and anti-break) feature the raised soft GRIP zone which gives amazing grip to support the child’s first pencil grip from sliding down the pencil and provides sensory feedback to increase proprioception to the fingers helping them to control their pencil grip.
  • For ages 6+

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