Faber Castell GRIP 2001 HB pencil with high quality eraser



Ergonomic GRIP zone  for a firm grip, pencils that really last.

Ergonomic triangular shaped barrel encourages correct grip.

Break resistant lead – really important if pencils are dropped regularly like Ollie does. These are such good quality, we’ve only lost 1 pencil due to a shattered lead along the barrel, even though they are dropped on the floor regularly. It does pay to spend a small bit more on a quality product than have them spend their time permanently sharpening cheaper alternatives.

These pencils were recommended to us by our Occupational Therapist. The raised dots on the grip zone not only stop the fingers from slipping down towards the nib but provide some great sensory feedback, essential for good pen control. We have been using them for the last 5 years, they always last well, quality pencils worth the little extra investment. Ollie particularly likes the ones with the rubbers on the end to save him from reaching for a rubber whilst he is mid-sentence – good point.

For ages 6+


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