Dyspraxia game – time shock – fine motor skills



  • Players place the shapes in their matching slots, if time runs out the board pops up and all the shapes come flying out.
  • Helps to strengthen fine Motor Skills, Hand/Eye Co-ordination, Spatial Awareness, Visual Perception and figure ground challenges.
  • Players race against a timer to try and fit the 26 shapes into their correct homes. The board has a built-in score sheet to record the performance of up to five players.
  • No batteries are required.
  • Pieces are conveniently stored in a side container.

What we think: We like this game as it provides a lengthy amount of time with fingers manipulating small pieces and lots of hand eye coordination – fun therapy without them realising it. The pieces are fairly small, the game is for ages 5+. We would say this is not for beginner fine motor skills but for more advanced. Allow your child to play with the whole thing at first, make sure they have heard the pop as it can be frightening when it suddenly goes off. For children with considerable fine motor skill difficulties I would not use the timer and pop deck initially, just see if they can put the right shapes in the right places without the pressure of time. You have to go pretty quickly to succeed and we like to avoid the sense of failure with a new toy.  The timer of this game is good for reinforcing the concept of time. Many dyspraxic children do not enjoy jigsaw puzzles, this is a great alternative. Good way to talk about shapes too.


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