Dycem® non-slip mat – blue – 40cm wide with length cut to your size



Acrylic non slip Dycem® – use on trays, writing slopes, under plates, under chopping boards, under mixing bowls, open jars, non slip grip: use when an extra pair of hands might come in handy to stop things slipping.

Sold in 0.5m sections for your convenience cut from a much larger roll. For a longer piece for example, 2 metre length, just request quantity 4 (4 x 0.5m) and we will send it in one long piece. The Dycem® you receive is covered top and bottom by a thick protective film which you just peel off when ready to use. The film keeps the Dycem® clean whilst in transit.

(The Dycem® brand name runs through the matting in approx. 15cm repeat pattern.)

Product Care: When your product gets dirty and dusty simply restore the non slip properties by washing in warm, soapy water and allow to dry.

Note: Dycem® is not effective when wet. Do not subject to temperatures over 50?.

  • Dycem® grips, holds and opens
  • Dycem® is long lasting & easy to clean
  • Dycem® is non-toxic, non-adhesive & latex free
  • Dycem® was voted 10/10 best opening gadget by Yours Magazine



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