Crayon Rocks® – 16 colours in a muslin bag



How do Crayon Rocks® help kids?

Since a child’s first writing tool is usually a crayon, that crayon should be one that encourages him or her to use thumb, first and second fingers in a tripod grip. This is what makes Crayon Rocks® a wonderful tool for fine motor development. Because of their shape, they do not allow kids to easily grip them in a closed fist, which deters fine motor development.

Perfect for every child and especially those with dyspraxia, cerebral palsy, autism, developmental delays and various forms of learning disabilities.

Crayon Rocks® produce strong, bright colours, encourage a natural tripod grip, are eco friendly and made from natural soy wax
Bright colours and tripod grip encouraged naturally using Crayon Rocks® which are eco-friendly and made from natural soy wax.

Unlike most crayons, which are made of petroleum paraffin wax, Crayon Rocks® are made from U.S. – grown and processed kosher soy wax. We combine this wax with natural mineral pigments to create beautiful colours, and a natural ground rock that gives the crayons their body. This creates a crayon that goes on smooth and blends easily.

Other products in the range include 8 primary colours in a muslin bag, 16 colours in a muslin bag and 64 Just Rocks in a box (Ideal class pack size or amazing gift ).

  • WARNING: Choking hazard. Not for children under 3. Use with appropriate supervision.




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