Caged in Chaos


Caged in Chaos


Author: Victoria Biggs

ISBN: 978-1849054774

Written by a teenager with dyspraxia, this a humorous and inspiring guide for young adults with dyspraxia and those around them trying to get to grips with the physical, social and psychological chaos caused by developmental coordination disorder (DCD).

Victoria Biggs explains the primary effects of dyspraxia – disorganisation, clumsiness and poor short-term memory – as well as other difficulties that dyspraxic teenagers encounter such as bullying and low self-esteem. Peppered with personal stories from other teens, this award-winning book offers down-to-earth advice on a wide range of adolescent issues, from puberty, health and hygiene to family life and making friends. The new edition includes an update from the author on her university and work experiences and how dyspraxia affects her now as an adult. Her positive approach and profound empathy with others in her situation makes this book a must-read.

About the author:

Victoria Biggs was sixteen years old when she wrote Caged in Chaos. She went on to study English at the University of Cambridge. She has subsequently been a learning support worker for young people with moderate to severe learning disabilities and has taught creative writing to women experiencing trauma-related mental health problems. Now in her twenties, she is completing a doctorate at the University of Manchester, researching how storytelling can be used too support children living with violence.


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