Archimedes screw – encourages crossing the midline – STEM




High quality, well sized Archimedes screw. Watch your child’s face light up as they transfer water, rice, small sweets, beads etc. from one bowl to another whilst only turning the handle. Watch water move uphill! Great little fine motor and shoulder workout without them knowing it.

Use of the Archimedes screw encourages children to cross the midline with their arms which supports successful handwriting. It will also help to advance preferred ‘handedness’.

Purchase 1 Archimedes screw or value Class 6 pack

History and science bit!

  • Archimedes was born in Syracuse, Sicily, in 287BC. He was a famous engineer and inventor. Historians think that he invented the hydraulic screw which has become known as the Archimedes screw.
  • The Archimedes screw is still used today. From pumping water into turbines to create green energy in Yorkshire (UK) to providing crop irrigation for farmers in the Nile Delta in Egypt!

Additional information

Archimedes Screw

1 Archimedes Screw, Class pack 6 Archimedes Screws


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