Yoropen pens and pencils.

– the largest range of Yoropen pens, pencils and colouring crayons available in the UK.
– Yoropen value packs
– Yoropens are one of the best pens available for those who find gripping a pen challenging
– Yoropens relieve fatigue
– Yoropens increase the field of vision (down to the ‘z’ neck design) allowing you to see what you are writing and where the line is – make writing comfortable and therefore more enjoyable.
– Yoropens are Ideal for left handers who will welcome the ‘no smudge’ effect of the Yoropen
– The Yoropen grip can be altered to suit lefties and righties perfectly
– A really innovative design away from the historical ‘stick’ pen.
– Loved by dyspraxics, dyslexics, arthritics and a reliever for carpal tunnel
If the Yoropen suits you they are available in pen, pencil and even colouring crayons – unique to such a specialist pen design and testimony to the success of this amazingly simple ergonomic pen.

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