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4 thoughts on “My account”

  1. Hi, my work purchased the Schneider light up pen for me. It has been brilliant and for the first time in my life I can write pain free. They will purchase more refills for me but I cannot find them on your website to be able to say how much they are or how they order them.

    1. Hi Kate, great to hear the pen has worked so well for you. We have listed the refills today, they are not very expensive and are available in black or blue.

  2. Thanks so much for the two handiwriters you sent to me. I’ve told the parents at our school about your website so hopefully you’ll have some more business from them!


  3. Ordered 2 x dyspraxia pencil pack for my boys.
    Absolutely brilliant, will definitely help with their handwriting skills.
    Thank you, it is so hard to find any where that sells items like these

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