A reason for untidy writing

Since Oliver has used the Yoropen his handwriting has reduced in size considerably, he has been able to write much, much more with less aches or tiredness. I observed that whilst his writing was smaller it was still quite spidery and uneven and explored this with Oliver. What he explained to me was that he rushed it out to avoid forgetting what he was writing. He says that he is able to answer every comprehension question that is asked but if he takes the time to write really neatly, conjuring up┬áthe formation and spelling of the letters and words in his mind, he often forgets what he is writing. So this is why it looks spidery but the content is good. Really insightful to me…

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Hilarious read with Ollie! Stephen Harris in Trouble….

Decided Ollie was of the age to understand more about Dyspraxia and begin to get his head around what to expect when he goes to secondary school. He’s in Year 5 at the moment so we don’t have to worry much just yet but planning early is something I have learned benefits us greatly.

Anyway, I reached for a book called Stephen Harris in Trouble by Tim Nichol. The front cover didn’t really excite Oliver but once we started reading it, well, let’s just say he’s looking forward to me reading Chapter 2 tonight. The book follows the life of an 11 year old boy who has dyspraxia, it’s quite a funny read so far. My favourite line was how the boy described his school sweatshirt after eating – clean on this morning is now looking like an ordnance survey map, the history of his day in food! He then went onto how he managed to get himself included in the playtime football which ended up in calamity, it was just like Oliver had come home from school and told me it himself, so likely to happen. Throughout my reading the first chapter Oliver was engrossed to discover that other people were EXACTLY like him, repeatedly asking, is this boy real mum? When it came to the recounting of the chalk being dropped into the goldfish bowl Oliver started to howl with laughter and actually fell out of bed! All this, and we’ve only just finished Chapter 1!! I hope this book continues in the same vein throughout. I’ll let you know, but I suspect this will be one of the books in the shop very shortly.

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